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Red and Chris Delaney from SquawValley, Ca. tell us how Charlies' Hangin' Tree Cowdogs have been a real blessing to them and their ranch.......

If your looking for a puppy or very well trained cow dog you've come to the right place!

After finding myself crippled up bad from a ranch accident and unable to get a horse back or barely walk for that matter, & my wife still recovering from a neck fracture from the year before & 400 pairs in 6000 acres of rough country we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle, the cattle still have to be worked, only having a couple of helper dogs & no experienced help near by we were in a jam to say the least!

Trying to hay the cattle in a little at a time & workin' a foot I started looking for help, all I can say is good help is hard to find! I had talked to Charlie a time or two that first year & explained my situation, he told me to check back in a year.

At the end of the year I contacted Charlie, "I don't know how many times, allot" & stressed the need for dogs that could gather cattle from the buggy I was still confined to, & in this country that's a tall order!

Persistence paid off, he pulled two dogs out of his string & sent them to me, Rip & Dan. I spent three or four days just pairing up with them & watching his video, then the work started!

These were the smartest & hardest workin' dogs I'd ever seen, being in a strange place with a strange person penning wild cattle while I sat in the buggy! At this point it just about brought tears to my eyes for I thought I was done!

"Now that's very well trained dogs my friends" I've been thru numerous surgeries, these dogs have laid up, only let out to exercise for months & when asked to work there just as sharp on there commands as day one!

But what meant the most to me was the straight up honesty & support of Charlie. He truly cares about his dogs & who they go to, & is willing to spend hours on the phone or in person to help you succeed ! I know he treated me as he does anyone else but I felt I had a best friend out there I'd never laid eyes on!

I've since picked up two more dogs from him, one being his best dog "Tate" & a jip named Sissy, I feel very fortunate that he thought enough of me to turn loose of a dog he had so much time in! The Lord works in mysterious ways, these Hangin' Tree Cowdogs have truly been a blessing, & I cant say enough about Charlie Trayer, his integrity & honesty just about beats any man I've known. If you got real cow work to get done I would highly recommend Charlie's Cowdogs !

Red & Chris Delaney

3D QH & Commercial Cattle Co./ Cow Boss , White Deer Ranch
SquawValley Ca. 559-338-0649

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