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Trace Irish from Parma, Idaho shares his experience with Charlies' Hangin' Tree Cowdogs.......

I bought my first dog from Charlie 6 years ago now I am going on my 4th dog. Each time I call Charlie and tell him what I am wanting and he always figures out the best dog for me. I have tried others but nothing compares to Charlie's dogs. These dogs just try so hard and you can tell all they want to do is please you.

These dogs are the real deal they are for the real rancher that needs to get the job done without a lot of extra help. I had to have extra guys help me gather my cattle now it is just me and my Charlie Trayer cowdogs. We live in the high desert of Idaho. I use my dogs everyday. Charlie’s cowdogs are so versatile I use them in every situation from sagebrush to the timber or even beside me at the squeeze chute and in extreme temptures and they just keep going "they don’t know quit”.

Before I was using Charlies' dogs my cattle were very hard to handle. Now, because of the dogs and the fact that the cattle respect the dogs they are a lot easier to gather and handle.

I’m not much of a dog trainer I think that is one of the other reasons I like these cowdogs of Charlies so much is they just seem to know what I want them to do, I guess it is instinct. If you are like me and take a lot of pride in your horses you would really appreciate how many miles one of Charlie’s dogs can save your horse. I don’t chase cows much anymore I have my dogs bring them to me.

Trace Irish

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