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Here's What John Jacot has to say..........

I got my first hanginí tree cowdog from Charlie in 1998. Up until that time I used Catahoulas. I had never seen a herding dog that I thought could handle my cows in the country I ran.

My uncle told me I needed to get up to Charlie's and see his dogs. I had never heard of the hanginí tree cowdog, but we went up to look.
cowdog named Cisco at work

I was impressed and ordered a pup the next spring. And since that time there has been nothing but hanginí tree cowdogs on the Jacot ranch.

In todayís ranching economy it is more important than ever to maximize the potential profit of every cow.

In the past we gathered the cows twice a year, once to work the calfís and once to wean them. Today we may gather them 4 or 5 times a year.

Without my Hanginí tree cowdogs, I would sure be in a bind.

I used to dread shipping day. It was a high anxiety day where we just hoped we would have enough cattle gathered to load the trucks. Now itís a day we look forward to - I know Iím going to get my yearlings on the trucks with all their gain.

I highly recommend Charlie Trayer. He knows what itís like to put long days in the saddle gathering range cattle. He knows what kind of dog it takes to be there at the end of a long day.

Charlie knows what kind of dog a cowboy needs.

I feel he breeds for all the attributes that Gary & Choc Ericsson thought were important in a cowboyís dog.

I need a dog with courage, cow sense, endurance, and a lot of hunt; a dog that can work for extended periods of time on his own; a dog that is looking to help me; a dog that can take a command but needs few commands to get the job done.

I get pretty busy sometimes and I donít want to have to do my thinking and the dogís too.

This is the kind of dog I feel Charlie raises.

John Jacot

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