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Hi! My name is Sarah McGinnis

I first met Charlie Trayer in 2000 when a girl friend of mine had seen an advertisement for Charlie and his amazing hangin' tree cowdogs.

My girl friend knew my husband and family was fed up with my cattle. Each time I had to do anything with my cattle I had to get the whole family out to try to get them in and most of the time there was always the second and third try to get the cattle in.

At the demonstration, Charlie and his cowdogs made it look so easy to move cattle. So, I purchased one of his demo tapes and took it home to my husband (Tim).

We watched the demo tape together and Tim said that it looked like I needed a Hangin' tree cowdog. So, off to Cottonwood, Kansas I went.

When I got there Charlie took the time to learn about the way I was going to use my dog and how large of a herd I had, etc. Then he helped me select my dog.

I selected a female out of his best stud Smoke and his best female Sally, and that pup (Sissy) proved to be the best of the best.

Charlie educated me as much as possible before I left the ranch with Sissy. But, Sissy really taught me because it was all instinct and breeding, and it all came very natural to her.

It was me that really needed to be trained. So, I took Charlie up on his offer to help train Sissy and myself.

I would call Charlie, to set up an appointment, to bring Sissy and myself out for some training. Each time I would say, "What's next in training?", Charlie would take the time to show and explain the next step in Sissy's training and I would return home to practice.

Charlie Trayer really has a lot of patience with hard to teach people like myself.

There was one time I was at a clinic and I thought I was all prepared to get out there and show how much Sissy and I had learned. I had my stick, a long rope, her chain, and a training collar.

Charlie said, "What are you doing? Throw most of that stuff down and lets get busy and train."

He always makes everything so simple.

The first time Tim was thankful that I had gotten my Hangin' Tree Cowdog (Sissy) was when he was on top of an out building putting on the roof and noticed we had cows out.

He called me on my cell phone and said, "Sarah, you have cows out, get your dog."

I jumped on the 4 wheeler and let out Sissy and away we went. I took the lead in front of the cows and Sissy brought up the back and we put the cows right back in their pen that fast.

Tim said, "That dog just paid for herself by not making me come down off of this outbuilding to help."

I now handle all of my cattle by myself with the help of my hangin' tree dogs. Tim just says, "When you get your cattle where you want them, just let me know and then I'll come help."

My hangin' tree cowdogs have made having cattle fun because they are always so excited to go to work for me.

Charlie thank you so much for training me to work with these wonderful cowdogs. I know that sometimes I should have been wearing the shock collar and not the dogs.

Charlie is really a natural when it comes to working with these wonderful hangin' tree cowdogs.

Sarah McGinnis

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