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Tim Miser from Cottonwood Falls, Kansas shares his experience with Charlies' Hangin' Tree Cowdogs.......

Iíve known Charlie Trayer all my life. We traveled together rodeoing starting in 1969. It was an experience.

He is a good friend and hard worker that always gave it a 110% to anything he ever took on.
Hangin' Tree Cowdogs working cattle

I had watched Charlie Trayer and his Hanging Tree Cowdogs for several years and had him gather a couple bunches of steers for me. I was trying to figure if these dogs would work for me.

I bought my first pup in í02. Charlie helped start him and work out some problems with him.

I bought another dog and as they say the rest is history, I now own a dozen and wouldnít leave home without them.

I run stocker cattle of my own and custom graze stockers in the Flint Hills, so I usually have some cattle that sometimes donít handle the best. With my Hangin' Tree cowdogs I have been able to handle cattle that were big problems before, with less help than before, and a lot of times by myself.

It sometimes is amazing, amusing, and downright unbelievable what the Hangin' Tree dogs can do in handling a bunch of cattle. Itís kind of like they say itís no use going to town bragging what your dogs have done because most people wonít believe you anyway.

Iíve moved and penned up to several hundred head of steers being horseback and with about four dogs. If you are willing to work on it, Charlie Trayerís methods and his Hangin' Tree Cowdogs can get the job done.

Just give it a try.

Tim Miser

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