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Introducing the Tri Tronics Collar
to Your Dog

If you are going to use an electric collar on your dog the most important thing is introducing the collar to your dog first. The dog must understand what the collar is all about if it is going to be used right.

The way to do this is to put a long cord, about 30 feet, on your dog so you can keep him under control. Put the collar on the dog and make sure it is tight enough so it is making contact. The first thing you must do is find out what level of intensity to use on your dog. Most dogs have different sensitively levels so you need to check to see what is right. To begin with set the transmitter on the lowest level. Hold the cord on the end and walk around with your dog. When the dog is distracted give him stimulation and see if you get a response. All he has to do is show that he felt something, maybe he cocks an ear or something like this, you do not want him yelping or acting like it hurt. If after a few tries at this, and if you get no response go to the next level on your transmitter. If no response go to the next. Most dogs respond to level 1 or 2. When you get a response that is all you want.

Now when he is distracted and looking the other way give him continuous stimulation and hold it down while at the same time call your dog to you. If he does not come help him with the cord. Just as soon as he looks toward you and starts toward you release the stimulation. If he starts toward you then turns the other way and goes away from you give him stimulation again until he comes toward you even if you have to help him with the cord. Discontinue the stimulation again just as soon as he comes toward you while at the same time give him lots of praise. You cannot over do the praise. By discontinuing the stimulation when you get the proper response you are rewarding the dog for doing right. Walk around with the dog again until he is distracted then do the same thing again. Donít forget to give him lots of praise when he does right. Continue to do this until he starts coming to you just as soon as he feels stimulation. Now he understands where it is coming from and why.

From this point forward use the collar for discipline. Call the dog and if he disobeys give him stimulation. Keep the setting on the transmitter low so you donít scare him. You just want to make him uncomfortable. Another thing that is very important is only work on one thing at a time, donít confuse the dog by stimulating him for every little thing he does wrong.

Good luck, Charlie Trayer

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